Tour EL: Module 2: The Incandescent Lamp (1802)
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Quiz: Part 2

1. The first filament material was:
a.) extruded cellulose
b.) sintered thread
c.) tungsten
d.) platinum

2. An advantage of incandescent light is:
a.) energy efficiency
b.) good color rendering
c.) durability
d.) they're edible

3. Why is the filament sealed in a bulb?
a.) to prevent the filament from burning up quickly
b.) durability
c.) to control pressure
d.) All of the above

4. Who developed ductile tungsten?
a.) William D. Coolidge
b.) Thomas A. Edison
c.) Walther Nernst
d.) Mahandas K. Gandhi

5. This Nobel Laureate both developed the gas filled bulb, tight filament coiling, and a molecular hydrogen coating; all of which greatly improved the life of the bulb.
a.) Frederick de Moleyns
b.) Karl Marx
c.) Thomas Edison
d.) Irving Langmuir

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