Tour EL: Module 2: The Neon Lamp (1900s)
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Quiz: Part 4

1. When current is run through neon gas it glows:
a.) red
b.) blue
c.) violet
d.) green

2. In what year did Heinrich Geissler invent the first gas discharge tube?
a.) 1857
b.) 1879
c.) 1915
d.) 1802

3. True or False: Neon gas was abundant and cheap when the lamp was discovered in 1898
a.) false
b.) true

4. There are two gases in most clear red neon lights, one is neon, the other is
a.) helium
b.) argon
c.) xenon
d.) chlorine

5. Most multicolored "neon" lamps today use a phosphor coating with a filling of:
a.) helium and argon
b.) oxygen and neon
c.) mercury and argon
d.) xenon and krypton

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