Tour EL: Module 2: Mercury Vapor Lamps (1901)
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Quiz: Part 5

1. Clear mercury vapor lamps with no other gasses and phosphors emit a ______ color.
a.) greenish
b.) blueish
c.) orange-red
d.) violet-red

2. The starting electrode:
a.) reduces the amount of voltage needed to start the lamp.
b.) is made of molybdenum.
c.) is outside of the discharge tube.
d.) all of the above.

3. The inventor of the commercial mercury vapor lamp also paved the way for the induction, fluorescent, sodium, and neon lamps. He is perhaps lighting's greatest unknown hero and his name is:
a.) C. S. Lewis
b.) Peter Cooper Hewitt
c.) Humphry Davy
Fred Terman

4. Which material is used to make high pressure mercury vapor lamps?
a.) quartz glass
b.) molybdenum
c.) tungsten
d.) all of the above

5. True or False: Mercury vapor lamps are an "instant start" kind of lamp.
a.) false
b.) true

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