History: The Edison Tech Center was founded in 2001 under the name Edison Exploratorium. As the organization grew from from a local geographic focus to a wider audience the name changed. The organization is located in a historic epicenter of industry and engineering in the Hudson-Mohawk River Valley of New York.

About the logo: The ETC logo depicts electrons in orbit, the use of electricity by engineers of all types is the central theme in all of our displays and online content.

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The Edison Tech Center is a unique multi-department, dynamic, hands-on workshop that turns the technological revolution into an experience and transforms the historic giants of technology into "virtual" teachers and motivators. Our facility provides access to samples of technology spanning over 130 years. Participants of all ages can see how things work, and learn about the engineering pioneers who helped improve our world. VISIT US.

The Edison Tech Center also provides online resources that enlighten thousands of viewers world wide each day.

The organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit which has been recognized by General Electric with its matching funds program.

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What defines an engineer?

In the world there are those that dig in the earth and toil in the hot foundries to make the raw materials, there are the thinkers, the scientists, and theorists, but in the middle, on this great boundary between reality and abstraction, there are the engineers. Mixing a potent soup of theory and math with raw steel, copper, and chemicals this is where things happen. These men and woman are located on the proving ground, a place where materials can fail, chemicals can violently combust, theories can prove untrue, and new solutions are crafted on the spot in order to make success. From being coated in grease and sweat inside the machine, to creating new theory and math in the lofty office, engineers occupy the eye of the human storm of progress. This is the place were we salute the real-life wizards!

What we do:

1. The Edison Tech Center aims to inspire
the young to discover the joy of building and tinkering. Working in the technology field can be a source of great joy and purpose to one's life. This interest can lead to a future in engineering.

2. The organization aims to create a sense of respect and wonder for the history of engineering. This is achieved through its artifacts on display, it's hands-on exhibits, and online videos and web pages which highlight great engineers.

3. The Edison Tech Center is an educational tool. The facilities have benefited many visitors over the last 12 years, while the videos and web pages provide an educational resource to teachers in classrooms world wide.

Recent Testimony:
"Thanks a lot. You're videos helped me out in a school project. I couldn't find many other videos to help me until I saw this page." -YouTube User

"Great piece of history. It is great to know the story behind Sputnik and development of GPS. Wonderful!!" -Ogramare (YouTube user)

"Thanks for this. Useful for my exam, and better explained than some lecturers!" - frodoondabass (YouTube user)

The Edison holds events throughout the year ranging from guest lectures to film showings
Edison Tech Center Events Past and Present Click Here

About this Region:

Schenectady County the home of the renowned GE Global Research, is a global community with more patents per capita than any other place in the world. The Edison Tech Center was founded by local engineers who wish to share their great experiences with others.

Click image to see a map of regional engineering feats

Paul Tonko and our mural painter Claude Seward


A Region built on Engineering:

Since 1795 this region has attracted some of the world's greatest engineers: Edison, Westinghouse, Thomson, Steinmetz, Langmuir... just to name a few. It is home to the General Electric Research Lab (GE Global Research Center), Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, Lockheed-Martin, RPI, Union College, and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. Many of the great developments in electrical and mechanical engineering were discovered here in Schenectady at the GE Research Laboratory, founded in 1901.

About Schenectady: In just five years, after 1886, the Edison Machine Works expanded from two locomotive buildings to this renowned plant of 1891. American Locomotive Company (ALCO) also had a large factory on the northeastern part of the city. Edison and others that he inspired gave birth to the Electrical Age, giving Schenectady its motto "The City that Lights and Hauls the World." The work of those electrical pioneers led to the global General Electric company that we know today. On the shoulders of such giants, come here and explore how it was done, what is being done now, and prospects for the future.

The "Edison" Name:

The Edison Tech Center is named as such due to Thomas Edison's role as the most famous engineer in world history, and his historical role in Schenectady where the ETC is based. Edison's role as an icon is similar to that of William Shakespeare and Michael Jordan. A household icon representing an entire industry or movement brings visibility to the field of engineering (in this case) and therefore irregardless of character flaws of Edison, he is a valuable person in helping inspire many generations of young people to think about engineering as a career, which is our mission. Engineers have raised the quality of life in every field from medicine to transportation safety. We believe a mind spend in the efforts of engineering has the potential to be one of the most nobel uses of creator-given intelligence.



We currently operate on regular basis with 6 volunteer part-time staff members and 3 paid helpers. New volunteers are welcome.

If you wish to contribute, click here, it's tax deductible.

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